4 Wellness Tips to Boost Productivity this Year

We have some wellness tips to help you revamp your office this 2023 including a list of our favorite products that promote wellness and health at work.

4 Wellness Tips to Boost Productivity this Year

With work culture shifting and office environments becoming more competitive to retain top talent, prioritizing wellness and health might be top of mind for you to boost your employee happiness, productivity, and wellness, and to create a more positive work culture where people actually enjoy working. We have some wellness tips to help you revamp your office this 2023 including a list of our favorite products that promote wellness and health at work. 

4+Relax for Lounge and Comfort 

Designated spaces for rest and relaxation can be an easy addition to any office space allowing employees to feel comfortable taking mini-breaks throughout the day. This can be as simple as creating a cozy corner with comfortable seating or as elaborate as installing a dedicated break-out area. One product that can help create such a space is the 4+Relax lounge chair designed for relaxation and social interaction, making it perfect for break-out areas and meeting rooms. The 4+Relax is customizable and also includes a reclining option that allows you to relax comfortably, locking the backrest in any position. 


Peaceful Pods for Privacy 

Another key element of wellness in the office is the ability to focus and concentrate without the bustling distractions of a full office. Creating spaces that are conducive to concentration and productivity, like the Bosse cube 4.0, can give your employees options for privacy, uninterrupted meetings, and deep-time work. These acoustic pods are made from high-quality materials and feature a range of sound-absorbing elements that reduce noise and distractions, providing a quiet and peaceful space for concentration, taking zoom calls, or quick breaks to listen to music or read a book. 

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Health and Wellness with Ion-Cloud Technology

As the world continues to grapple with the ongoing pandemic, prioritizing clean air in office spaces is still increasingly important to employees. To address this concern, we’ve developed the Bosse Ion-Cloud, a piece of technology that can be adapted to clean the air of spaces like the Bosse room-in-a-room using a system of positive and negative ions. This revolutionary air purifier provides an extra layer of protection for employees by creating a protective ionic cloud that neutralizes bacteria and viruses in the air. Innovative technology like the Bosse Ion-Cloud helps people feel safe and comfortable, going back into office settings for in-person productive collaboration.  



Workplace Wellness with Ergonomics 

Finally, when thinking about wellness in your office, it's essential to consider choosing the right seating solutions for your employees. Ergonomic chairs are designed with wellness in mind to improve comfort for extended hours seated, as well as back, arm, and neck support. We have a range of ergonomic chairs at Dauphin but one of our most popular and newer products is the Indeed chair. Named ‘the chair for everyone,’ Indeed is a flexible work chair making it easy for you to adapt and adjust it to your everyday needs. It comes with options for different backrests and is available in a broad selection of colors.  


Become a leader in workplace wellness with these tips, from providing unique resting areas, and keeping your air clean and virus-free, to upgrading your office products for ergonomic comfort. Our products can help create a work environment that is conducive to positivity, and overall well-being. Contact your local Dauphin rep to get ideas on how to design or redesign your office in 2023 for maximum productivity and employee well-being.

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