Bring People Together with Banquettes

Banquettes maximize space and create welcoming seating. Dauphin offers several products with attractive and cost-effective banquette configurations.

Dauphin banquettes with sled base

The sled base gives collaborative lounge seating like this Atelier a light yet striking look.

Dauphin banquettes with wood legs
Options like dividing walls aid with acoustics and allow for additional design details like this Atelier with horizontal stitching.
Dauphin Banquette in blue and beige

Junxion features a thicker wall and slim backrest with multiple options for power.

New Bevva benches in banquette configurations

Set free from Bosse acoustic spaces, Bevva benches make a statement while providing comfortable and practical banquette seating.

Dauphin Hiline collaborative lounge banquette

Hiline pictured here with a plinth base is especially easy to clean and maintain.

See what banquettes can do to elevate your space.

Options for nearly endless layouts and dimensions as well as convenient power options and other premium features allow you to align your project perfectly to the space while avoiding the price tag and timeline required for custom millwork. 

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Power, Privacy, and Productivity

Dauphin collaborative lounge products make great banquettes with features such as:

  • Power where you need it—front, side, back, or below, along with options for what kind of power will fuel your team's productivity
  • Space-saving leg designs or practical plinth bases allow you to add to the practicality or aesthetic
  • Durable and cleanable fabrics optimize the function of high-traffic areas
  • Unique touches like decorative stitching or high-end finishes and legs elevate the design 
  • Options for walls to create a modern look or add privacy

Preview - 180327 - Dauphin - Banquette - Higher Education - WS09 - 00


Get a custom look without the hassle. 

Dauphin banquettes are made by our team in the USA, shipping straight to you from our manufacturing location in New Jersey. This allows us to save on time and cost. 


Preview - 180327 - Dauphin - Banquette - Dealers - WS05 - 00


With banquettes, it’s simple to create sought-after settings on your floorplate. 

Unlike costly and time-consuming architectural options, Dauphin products can be easily tailored to fit your space. 


Preview - 180327 - Dauphin - Banquette - Higher Education - WS06 - 00

Banquettes offer several advantages over individual seating or millwork and built-ins. 


In many cases, ordering banquettes may be more cost-effective than purchasing individual seating options or expensive and complicated millwork. By consolidating seating into larger, shared units, organizations can often save on overall furniture costs and add the flexibility of banquettes that can be moved as space needs evolve. Installing banquettes is also generally much faster and less costly than the labor needs of millwork. This can result in significant cost savings for businesses, especially those operating on a tight budget.

Space Efficiency

Banquettes are typically built along walls or in corners, making efficient use of space that might otherwise be unused. They can accommodate more people in a smaller footprint compared to individual chairs.

Ease of Maintenance

Banquettes are often easier to clean and maintain compared to custom millwork, which may require more specialized care and upkeep. This can result in lower maintenance costs and less downtime for cleaning and repairs.


Banquettes promote togetherness and collaboration by providing shared seating and work or discussion space. They encourage spontaneous interactions and impromptu meetings as unreserved touch-down settings. Banquettes foster a cohesive and collaborative work and learning environment.

Comfort and Customization

With ample padding and nearly endless fabric options, banquettes can comfortably match the vibe and aesthetic of your space. This can also contribute to improved employee satisfaction and well-being.


Banquettes can serve multiple functions within the office environment. In addition to providing seating for dining or informal meetings, they can also be used as flexible workspaces for individual or group tasks, further maximizing their utility. They offer a versatile seating solution that can adapt to the diverse needs of employees throughout the day.


Elevate your space with Dauphin. 

Our Design Services team is here to make it easier than ever to deliver a human-designed solution. 

Have you checked out Dauphin lately? Our portfolios offer everything from beautiful banquettes to crisp collaborative lounge settings to practical yet chic multipurpose chairs and more! Visit to learn more. 

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