Celebrating Excellence: Dauphin's Achievements at NeoCon 2023

Discover Dauphin's award-winning seating solutions at NeoCon 2023, including the innovative Cempa Nesting and captivating Allora Poufs. Explore the HiP Leader award received by Matthew Negron and the recognition of Atelier, Reefs Flex, and Allora Poufs at the HiP Awards. Join us in redefining design excellence and transforming workspaces with Dauphin's commitment to innovation, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

Dauphin is proud to share that NeoCon 2023 was a resounding success.  We want to express our sincere gratitude to all the attendees and organizers who made it an incredible event and also share some accolades we’re proud of.

Our showroom was buzzing with excitement, attracting a staggering number of visitors. Over 7000 people walked through the Dauphin showroom, creating a vibrant atmosphere where conversations flowed and connections were made. It was a truly engaging experience, as we had the opportunity to connect with attendees on a deeper level and exchange valuable insights.

Here’s a look at some of our biggest achievements from #DauphinXNeoCon2023:


Dauphin's Seating Solutions Win Big  

Dauphin's commitment to innovation and functional design was recognized with Cempa Nesting receiving the highly acclaimed Best of NeoCon: Innovation Award at NeoCon 2023. Cempa Nesting elevates workspaces to new heights, creating an environment that fosters collaboration, productivity, and well-being. With elegance and functionality to match,  this solution enhances any environment while providing a graceful solution for flexible spaces. 

Our Allora Poufs also received recognition with the Innovation Award. These pieces are crafted to harmonize aesthetics and functionality, delivering a touch of sophistication to contemporary work environments.


Celebrating Cempa Nesting's Excellence

Dauphin's dedication to design excellence and exceptional craftsmanship was further validated with the prestigious Silver Award—which is one of the highest awards at NeoCon—given to our Cempa Nesting seating solution.


HiP Recognition: Matthew Negron and Outstanding Product Finalists
We’re also  proud to announce that our very own Matthew Negron, the President of Dauphin Americas, has been honored with the prestigious HiP Leader award in the furniture category at the 2023 HiP Awards by the Interior Design Magazine, official media partner of Neocon. This category recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the commercial interior design industry. 


Our exceptional products, Atelier, Reefs Flex, and Allora Poufs, have also been acknowledged among the top contenders at the esteemed HiP Awards, spotlighting their innovation in the dynamic field of commercial design.


The awards garnered by Dauphin at NeoCon 2023 and the HiP recognition signify a major milestone in our journey towards redefining design excellence. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the NeoCon and HiP Awards organizers for their recognition and support. Read more...

Looking Ahead At NeoCon 2024

As we reflect on this successful event, we’re also already gearing up for NeoCon 2024, where we’ll once again showcase our latest innovations and push the boundaries of design. Stay tuned for updates by staying connected with us on our website and join us as we continue to revolutionize the industry, shaping the future of workspace design.

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