Design Your Space for Wellness in 2023

Design a wellness space that prioritizes employee wellness with Dauphin's ergonomic seating, lounge furniture, and acoustic pods. Create a refuge for productivity and well being in 2023.

With spring coming up, now is the time to consider how to set up your office to nurture happy and engaged employees. With the average person spending one-third of their life at work, setting up our office spaces and the products we use throughout the day greatly impacts our physical and mental health. 

In order to facilitate employees’ productivity, wellness, and health, you need to inject thought and intention when redesigning your workspace. One way to create a place where your team can rejuvenate is to develop a wellness room. A wellness room is a quiet, private space where employees can temporarily escape work-related stressors without leaving the workplace. Ideally, this space is separated from a main work area but can also be a curtained-off alcove or corner. A wellness room can be used for small groups engaged in high-focus tasks, or it can be utilized for small group meetings, such as for planning, project updates, or practicing presentations. Additional privacy and quiet time allow employees to take the personal time they need to reset, driving up productivity and efficiency. 

Here are four tips you can implement today to successfully set up this space.

Go Ergonomic 

Choosing ergonomic seating for your employees’ offices is one of the best ways to prioritize your team’s well-being and health. Ergonomic products are designed to support the natural movement of the body and reduce the risk of injury or discomfort. Ergonomic options are important for those who spend long hours sitting at a desk, as they can help prevent common issues like back and neck pain, and eye strain. 

At Dauphin, we offer a unique range of ergonomic seating solutions with adjustable heights and armrests.  We look at ergonomics as a whole, taking into account the three pillars of holistic ergonomics (physical, cognitive, and social). An added bonus: lumbar support is designed to adjust to your individual needs and mimic the natural movement of your body, promote relaxation, and reduce stress. Ergonomic seating fits into a wellness room nicely and offers the comfort employees need. 



 Make Space For Relaxation

Taking regular breaks throughout the day helps keep employees more engaged and focused on finishing their work productively and with fewer errors. Stretching, moving your limbs, getting fresh air, and shifting your eyes away from a digital screen regularly during your workday are important to maintain overall body and mental health at work. 

The 4+Relax is our lounge seating system designed for relaxation and social interaction. It’s perfect for common areas and wellness rooms, providing a place for employees to relax and recharge. 


Upgrade With Customization 

We’re not only a leading provider of ergonomic office furniture at Dauphin. We also carry a number of products that are specifically designed to promote concentration in the workplace, giving employees a variety of options to customize their workday. One product we love for customized work needs is the Bosse cube 4.0 Room-in-Room system,  an acoustic space designed to reduce noise and distractions and created for employees to have an alternative option for a private and productive work environment. People love using our Bosse Acoustic Spaces collection to temporarily disconnect, dive into focused deep-time work, take a quick phone call, or even collaborate one-on-one with a co-worker.

Spruce It Up With Plants  

Research shows that incorporating live foliage and natural flora into beautifully designed office spaces not only improves the quality of your air but also keeps people happier, more positive, and engaged with their work. Having plants indoors – or biophilic design – allows you to bring the living nature inside your personal space providing a holistic experience and boosting concentration on work and overall well-being. 

Biophilic design means using the natural environment to connect people within our built environments. How does this work? As humans, we associate nature with feelings of calmness, tranquility, and relaxation. Introducing plants into your wellness space this yearalong with a variety of relaxing and ergonomic seating solutionscan significantly improve the energy and company culture in your workplace and in a wellness room.

The most important step in reimagining your office for well-being is including your employees in the process. With a touch of creativity, you can invite employee wellness and health into your office space this 2023 using Dauphin's ergonomic products, relaxing lounge furniture, and custom acoustic pods.  

With a few simple changes, you can bring your wellness space to life using comfort and aesthetics to offer your employees diverse ways to strengthen their physical, mental, and emotional health. The ultimate goal of a wellness room is to create a space that makes employees' lives better and creates a refuge in the office; it is your way to let your employees know that you care about their wellbeing and foster a healthy work culture With a range of unique products to choose from and expert advice, we’re here to help you achieve your office wellness and health goals this year. 


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