Lounge Furniture You'll Love For Your Office Space

Using flexible furniture in your office can help you and your co-workers adapt to the needs of the ever-changing workspaces. Click to Configure

 Lounge Furniture You'll Love For Your Office Space 

If you're looking for comfortable and stylish lounge furniture to spruce up your office in 2023, consider adding flexible furniture options to your space. While modular solutions are desirable in today’s office spaces, many are choosing our lounge furniture, which was designed with flexibility, multi-functionality, and comfort in mind allowing for limitless configurations to fit your unique space and needs. 

Using flexible furniture in your office can help you and your co-workers adapt to the needs of the ever-changing work spaces unfolding before us. At Dauphin, we design innovative seating solutions using a research-led design framework to imagine a realm of possibilities with endless room layouts keeping your individual needs in mind. 

Read on to check out some of our most popular lounge furniture for you to consider in 2023:

Designing Your Office Space with Flexibility in Mind:

Reefs Collection 

Inspired by the infinite and unique combinations of our underwater coral reef,  we set out to create an inviting space using islands of seating. The Reefs Collaborative Lounge Collection offers a comfortable and cozy common-area seating solution with multiple functions. Its flexible design allows for various configurations, comes with power outlets, and has the option to add acoustic walls for privacy that cater to the open office environment. Learn more about our Save Reefs initiative here. Launching soon.

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The Reefs Collection comes in a wide range of colors, materials, and sizes to ensure that each product can be tailored to the individual needs of the user. Combine your unique pairings and colors to create unique and inspiring office work settings. This customizable solution can foster both teamwork and collaboration, or privacy for a quiet space to focus, canceling out visual and noise pollution. 

Choose from a variety of options and styles:  


Reefs Sofa - Our Reefs Sofa can be arranged to form a larger seating area or separated to create individual seating options.

Reefs Chair - Our individual Reefs chair can be arranged in different configurations to create the lounge seating area that meets your needs.

Reefs Bench & Ottoman - Our Reefs Bench and Ottoman option provide a versatile piece of furniture that can be used as a footrest, for extra seating, as a coffee table, or workbench. This can be paired with our Reefs Chair to create a comfortable lounge area.

Reefs Work Lounge - Our Reefs Work Lounge provides a practical and stylish addition to any lounge area. You can use these as individual lounge chairs for more focused work or pair them together for casual conversation and social connection with co-workers. 

Reefs Collaborative - Build unique and inviting workspaces with our Reefs Collaborative. The combinations of colors, patterns, pairings, and styles are endless and flexible to make your lounge space feel like it was built for you. 

From Ultra-Private to Ultra-Relaxed

Launching soon.

Reefs Flex - Our new Reefs Flex, launching in the next few months, provides colorful leg options for a modern and relaxed look; and it is 100% configurable to meet the needs of any work environment - whether in the office or at your home.

Reefs Flex seating options have the ability to reposition, expand, and add accessories, making them ideal for a variety of environments such as social gatherings or individual, private workspaces. All pieces can be combined and connected with direct linking without the need for extra tools, making assembly and dismantling easy.  

Check out our Reefs Flex options at a glance:

  • Single-seater with backrest 
  • Single-seater with backrest and armrests
  • Curved element with backrest 
  • Stool 
  • Bench 
  • Two-seater with backrest
  • Two-seater with backrest and armrest on one side 
  • Two-seater with backrest and armrest on both sides

When integrating versatile furniture, you have the ability to save money and make the most of your space, while still creating comfortable and stylish seating areas in your office. Whether you’re designing for a modern office or a cozy home office, take a seat and reimagine your workspace. Mix and match with our Reefs collections to create unique configurations that fit your space and needs for your office in 2023!

Here at Dauphin, we love helping you design and put together your modern flexible office solutions that are adaptable, environmentally friendly, and have both style and function. Reimagine and design your own Reefs Flex furniture using our Symbols Library and  3D Product Configurator. Get in touch so we can help with your furniture installations for your office space. 

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