Optimizing Air Quality In Office Spaces

The COVID-19 pandemic has moved the importance of air quality to the front of the line in office settings.

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the entire globe, it’s becoming increasingly clear to people that the quality of the air they breathe is directly related to ensuring good health. Given the amount of time people spend at the workplace and the personal interactions that happen there, it is critical to ensure offices have clean air.


Although not everyone will return to the physical office full-time, in the coming months more and more employees will be called back to the office in one capacity or another. Companies have started to realize that as employees return from their remote setups back into the workplace they need assurances that they are returning to workspaces where proper precautions have been taken to purify the air from viruses and other harmful elements—especially in office spaces where strict social distancing may be difficult or not always possible.

Consequently, companies are seeking new solutions from architects and designers that ensure cleaner air in the work environment. Designers will increasingly be called upon to assess air pollutants and implement solutions to improve air quality when designing new or renovated office spaces. Cleaner air means better physical, emotional, and mental health for employees, which improves overall performance in the workplace.

The Impact of Dirty Air

The air around us can carry particulate matter, electrosmog, pollen, smoke, dust, and even viruses and bacteria. This is a global problem, with the vast majority of the world’s population living in places where they are exposed to poor air quality. In fact, the World Health Organization estimated in 2018 that 7 million people worldwide die annually due to health problems related to exposure to air pollution. Clean air is so vital to human well-being that the United Nations has designated it as a basic human right.

Indoor air often contains a variety of pollutants that we may not be able to detect on our own—including, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, building materials, household cleaning products, radon and pesticides. Being indoors with dirty air affects employees greatly. In a space with dirty air, people experience more anxiety, fatigue and distraction, among other health issues. Put simply, a worker in an office with sub-optimal air quality will not be nearly as efficient or productive as a worker in an office with a good air filtration system. According to the World Green Building Council, better indoor air quality can improve productivity by up to 11%.

Humans gain energy, vitality and clarity by breathing clean and fresh air. Science provides solutions to improve the air quality people breathe while working in indoor offices—no matter where in the world the office is located.

A Clean Air Solution For Office Environments


Designers and architects have begun turning to innovative solutions to improve their client’s office spaces for the return of employees to a new work environment. One such solution is the Bosse Ion Cloud, an optional device that can be incorporated into the Bosse Acoustic Pods and Room-in-Rooms. The Ion Cloud draws inspiration from nature to create the optimal indoor climate and air conditions. The Ion Cloud purifies the air inside the space, allowing employees to meet safely within. The invisible ventilation system in the ceiling of the enclosure is quiet, unobtrusive and switches on automatically when a person enters the pod. As the system exchanges air with the external environment, the purified air is pushed outside of the enclosure, adding to the air quality of the rest of the office space.

The device works by infusing negatively-charged ions into the air of the space which then cling to the harmful particles that are positively charged—such as smoke, fungal spores, fine dust, bacteria and viruses—thus rendering them harmless. Whether employees are working on creative projects or spending time in all-day meetings, Ion Cloud purifies the air and creates a more natural air environment by reducing toxins. This increases employee energy and well-being as well as company productivity.


The Ion Cloud is specifically designed to combat harmful viruses and bacteria and its effectiveness has been scientifically studied by Leipzig University, which tested the system and found a 95% reduction in air pathogens. The system effectively deploys strong preventive measures against easily transmissible infections and allows employees to breathe deeply and calmly again. The system aims to ensure prevention through infection control and promoting mental and physical well-being in workspaces.

Benefits of Purifying the Air by Infusing It with Negative Ions

Negative Ions have a multitude of benefits, including the following:


  • Inactivates viruses
  • Strengthens the immune system and increases its resistance to illnesses
  • Reduces the quantity of carcinogenic hydrocarbons in the air by approximately 75%
  • Increases oxygen intake in the blood
  • Improves metabolism
  • Neutralizes bacteria, fungus and spores


  • Reduces asthma attacks
  • Balances blood pressure
  • Accelerates recovery from injuries and operations
  • Alleviates arthritis pain, allergies and inflammation 


  • Increases and extends concentration
  • Boosts cognitive performance
  • Improves mood and helps with depression 
  • Combats tiredness, headaches, and anxiety 

It is more important than ever for companies to ensure their employees can breathe clean air in enclosed meeting and focus spaces. Architects, designers and their clients seeking to create safe office spaces can rely on the Bosse Acoustic Pods and Room-in-Rooms. The Bosse Ion Cloud maximizes air quality allowing companies to keep employees safe, healthy, happy and productive.


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