Spring into a Fresh New Space with Our Lounge Vibes Collection

Embrace spring and bring freshness into your workplace with Dauphin’s Lounge Vibes Collection.

As the new season begins, the environment around us is changing—and so are we. The change of season invites us to breathe new life into the way we work. It’s the spring refresh you’ve been needing—and you’ll love what we’ve developed here at Dauphin. 

Why Refresh Your Workspace?

Optimizing your workspace can have a significant impact on your team's productivity and performance. Studies have shown that an enhanced office environment can lead to a remarkable 25% increase in productivity (World Green Building Council. “Health, Wellbeing & Productivity in Offices: The Next Chapter for Green Building.” World Green Building Council, 2014.). Moreover, lighting and ergonomic furniture can boost employee satisfaction and performance by up to 5%, as found by the National Institute of Building Sciences (Source: National Institute of Building Sciences). By investing in a workspace refresh, you can prioritize the well-being of your team and create a refined, high-performing, workforce.

Introducing Dauphin’s Lounge Vibes Collection:

Now that the world of hybrid workspace has been established, new habits and aspirations continue to evolve. As we return to work outside of our homes, the office has once again become a welcoming place for everybody to come together and work, play, and lounge. Dauphin is serving this shift with our innovative, creative furniture collection that delivers lounge zones, central areas, and meeting spaces to encourage interaction, creativity, and agility back at the office. Embrace our Lounge Vibes Collection; it can breathe new life into your workspace, providing an opportunity to start fresh and optimize your team's performance.  

Our Lounge Vibes collection is an ode to the reimagined office—and your employees will love you for it. We’ve developed a range of categories to suit your every need.


Allora Poufs: 

Our Allora Poufs are the perfect place to start evoking a sense of ease and relaxation in the office. The new Allora Poufs are stackable, upholstered poufs from Dauphin, available in a variety of materials, sizes, and colors.  They’re also lightweight enough that they allow for versatility. Lightweight poufs are the ultimate in functional furniture—beyond adding style to any room, they can also be easily moved around to suit your changing needs.




Embrace reflection and inspiration with Atelier. Made for moments of action and inspiration, these lounge seating spaces create ambience and spark brilliance. Choose from sled base, casters, or legs and spruce your environment up with a unique configuration that sets the tone for creativity. Atelier takes the classic work lounge to the next level with ease and style. 

Dauphin Atelier (1)-1

Reefs Flex:

If agility is key to your success, take a look at Reefs Flex. Uniquely featuring a quick-click system for easy and fast assembly without tools, Reefs Flex  makes productivity a breeze. With a focus on flexibility, multi-functionality, and comfort, it's all about you and your preferences. You’ll love office days with Reefs Flex.

Dauphin Reefs flex und Allora Poufs-2

Fiore Club: 

With its organic shape and comfortable upholstery, Fiore Club is just as well-suited to modern office landscapes as it is to your personal work space. Whether it’s seating for a meeting room, dining area, or cafe, this armchair offers pure comfort. Inspired by natural shapes; its aesthetically pleasing shell, combined with stylish colors and materials, improves the workplace mood and brings in the spring energy. 


Our Lounge Vibes Collection embraces today’s blended workspace dynamic. With employees seeking more flexibility and autonomy, it's important for offices to embrace this shift in order to attract and retain top talent. A blended workspace offers a hybrid of in-office and remote work options, allowing people  to work in a way that suits them best. This can result in higher job satisfaction, better work-life balance, and increased productivity. To help you create blended workspaces that make employees excited to come to work, Dauphin is here to provide consultative seating solutions tailored to your unique needs and preferences. Talk with a Dauphin Sales Representative today and learn more about how our Lounge Vibes Collection can create the ideal blended workspace this spring.  


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