Upgrade Your Lounge Space with Dauphin's Reefs One and Reefs Flex Collections

Discover innovative and human-centered design solutions with Dauphin's Reefs One and Reefs Flex collections, customizable to reflect your brand and personality while boosting creativity and productivity.

If you thought modular furniture was all about sharp angles—think again. 

Introducing Dauphin’s Reefs One and Reefs Flex collectionsinspired by the colors and infinite variety of underwater beauty, the collection embraces the trend of soft and fluid silhouettes and now includes our curved range. 

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The Reefs One collection is inspired by the natural shapes of underwater corals, featuring rounded shapes and bold lines that create visually appealing structures. With limitless configurations, this collection allows you to create adaptable workspaces that inspire creativity and interest.


Caption: Reefs One 

Our new Reefs Flex collection is part of our Lounge Vibes line, featuring a tool-less quick-click system for easy adjustments. Its components are supported by flexible steel trusses that make it lightweight and durable. With a wide range of upholstery colors and materials for seats, backs, and arms, you can customize the look to reflect your brand and personality.


Caption: Reefs Flex

Both collections offer semi-permanent nested pieces assembled using basic tools, allowing for easy disassembly and reconfiguration to create a different seating arrangement. Our innovative designs allow you to use your imagination and create unique multi-functional spaces.

Flexible Space Design With The Collaborative

At Dauphin, we design flexible solutions using a research-led design framework to imagine a realm of possibilities with endless room layouts. This framework has helped us create our Reefs Collaborative Lounge collection—a  modular furniture collection system that prioritizes privacy and concentration.

The Reefs  Collaborative Lounge collection is a perfect addition to a reef landscaped office for individuals and teams seeking a quiet and uninterrupted workspace to concentrate or brainstorm without infringing on those around them. 



Acoustic privacy screens attach to the back and sides of the interchangeable Reef seating system pieces. The dolphin gray screens blend seamlessly with your existing Reef color schemes, allowing for even more versatile and functional space configurations. 

The screens contain two layers of molded felt over an innovative honeycomb-structure core made from recycled fiberboard for noise reduction and sound buffering. 

You can also recharge devices while you recharge yourself with our power-equipped furniture. The Reef system has power modules and inset tables for coffee and other necessities to offer perfect nooks and collaborative corners. We can incorporate power options into the underside of seats or inset into the face or top of the inset tables. Choose from 2 USB and 2 power outlets or Qi technology for wireless charging available.

Sustainability Is At The Heart Of Our Reefs Collections

We aim to develop and promote high-quality, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly products and practices. Here are a few of the ways we continue to meet our sustainability initiatives with this collection: 

  • Reef products are 100% free from hazardous substancesno PVC, chrome VI, lead, or mercury. 
  • Over 50% of the materials that create our Reef products are recycled.
  • Reefs products are designed and developed to minimize waste, energy consumption, and environmental impact. 
  • Reefs components are 100% replaceable to prolong the product life-cycleand all parts weighing over 50g are 100% recyclable.
Living Up To The Dauphin Promise

The Dauphin concept is HumanDesign™ for and with people. 

Explore Dauphin's innovative and flexible solutions with the Reefs One and Reefs Flex collections. Discover endless possibilities for adaptable workspaces that inspire creativity, boost productivity, and foster collaboration. 

We invite you to take a seat and reimagine your workspacewith us. 





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